Vamprechaun… Because Shut Up! That’s Why

This afternoon at approximately 5.48pm, I received a very exciting email from “The Vamprechaun Team” in relation to the movie Vamprechaun.

Vamprechaun is a movie that I first heard about at approximately 5.48pm this afternoon. After further research [guessing], I was able to ascertain that Vamprechaun is the story of a Leprechaun that is also a vampire.

Frankly, I’m amazed it has taken us this long as a society to get to this point, but now that we’ve finally reached the pinnacle of human achievement, it’s time to relax and enjoy ourselves.

Only we’re not there yet… we have to pay to make Vamprechaun happen. The good news is that for a mere $10,000, you can name a character in the movie. Personally, I would pay twice that to ensure that the Vamprechaun’s official name is Dracula “Shillelagh” O’Doherty.

Head this way if you want to contribute, it looks like they could really use it right now:

Vamprechaun Contribute

If you have concerns about the quality of Vamprechaun, you needn’t worry. It’s being helmed by the original creator of the Leprechaun series, and original star Warwick Davis is even “in talks” to reprise his role.

I look forward to potentially stumbling across it on television while fighting sleep at 3am some bored Saturday night in the distant future.


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