Preacher TV Series: Pros, Cons and Casting Wishes

This is a guest post from a different Dave, who also watches stuff. Dave O’Neill is the man who introduced me to the Preacher series a few years back, and a man whose knowledge I defer to on all graphic novel matters. I approached him for his thoughts on the news that Seth Rogen and AMC are bringing us a Preacher TV series and here’s what he had to say.

DC has failed to get a Preacher TV project off the ground since the series ended. Preacher ended FOURTEEN YEARS AGO. They have blamed this, on, funnily enough, being unable to work with Garth Ennis.

As part of a deal they had with Ennis, because they failed to get a TV deal, the rights went back to Ennis and Steve Dillon on January 1st. Because he has half a brain, Seth Rogen went to Ennis directly, and bought the rights personally. Ennis will have total control and say so over the work. Just for the sake of BALANCE, I want to do a Pros and Cons list of a Preacher series.

Pro: It’s from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, two noted comic book fans.

Con: Its from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, two noted comic book fans who bought the rights to the Green Hornet, which, while a perfectly bland film, was hopelessly miscast, tonally all over the place, and INFURIATED fans of the series by junking the elements they really liked (i.e. not setting it in the sixties, downplaying Kato, bonkers villain)

Pro: It’s by two Hollywood names, who have had no difficulty in the past, getting shit made

Con: It’s by two Hollywood names who have made some of the most repulsive garbage I’ve ever seen committed to film, including the worst film I’ve seen this year – which I contemplated walking out of, except for the fact that it was free and I was with someone.

Pro: Seth Rogen presumably wants to be in it. And he’s a good actor, especially in 50/50, Knocked Up, and Take This Waltz.

Con: This Is The End, Green Hornet, The Guilt Trip, Observe and Report, Zack And Miri,

Pro: It’s on AMC, and they do the Walking Dead, and that’s successful

Con: It’s on AMC, who fired three producers until they got the budget down to a level they wanted and have made some boring as shit episodes and incredibly questionable casting decisions

Pro: It’s on AMC, and they show Mad Men, and Breaking know good tv

Con: It’s on AMC, and they show Low Winter Sun (a crime drama starring Mark Strong and Lennie James that manages to be as boring as shit), and Hell on Wheels, which I should have loved (its set in 1870s california…about trains! with Colm Meaney,!), but is instead really, really slow as shit.

Casting! Goldberg and Rogen can cast their mates.

I don’t think he’s going to be free, this is SPECULATIVE CASTING, based on who is available right this moment

(Dave is nuts about Justified, if that’s not obvious from the above)

Anyway – Jesse. A real difficult one. James Marsden’s name gets mentioned a lot. He’s the right side of 40, is good looking, and is just a big enough name to get attached to a project like this, and pull it off. 12 episodes a series would suit him, given his movie stuff.


Cassidy: This is where you regret that Michael Fassbender is so busy. Colin Farrell has expressed an interest in TV work…for the right project

Michael Smiley is now retweeting people who suggest him for the role.

Herr Starr:

The Saint Of Killers: This is pretty easy, actually


God: (No. Really)

Also, sadly, available to work

John Custer and Christina Custer:

Not dumbest idea in the world and you know it



2 responses to “Preacher TV Series: Pros, Cons and Casting Wishes

  1. Great article: An even-handed account of the ambivalence such a show should be treated with. I find it hard to imagine AMC doing a good job considering their prudish values about flesh and cussin. Smiley would be a great Cassidy though.

  2. Jon Bernathal (Shane from Walking Dead) would be perfect as Jesse. Anyone else I can think of is either too old already (sorry Olyphant — great choice otherwise) or gonna be too expensive for a 5 to 7 year commitment (sorry Franco) — And Michael Rooker as either the Saint, Jody of Sherrif Root.

    PLEASE don’t censer the zippo! Don’t particularly care for F-bombs and nudity but please FIGHT TO KEEP THE ZIPPO AS IS!!!

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