Dave’s Top Stuff 2013: TV (Comedy)

So this year, I’ve gone all Golden Globular and have split TV between comedy and drama. The reasons for this are three-fold:

1. There was way too much fucking awesome TV this year
2. It is somewhat hard to rank comedy and drama on the same list
3. Shut up, that’s why

So with loads of ado, here are my favourite comedies that appeared on my television in 2013.

best tv show comedies 2013

The biggest surprise for me this year was that Arrested Development, my favourite comedy of all time, was not top of the list. My love for the beautiful experiment that was Season 4 runs deep, but ultimately it was a bit of a mess, and crucially not as funny (in my opinion) as the five shows I placed ahead of it. In terms of outright ballsy ambition though, Mitch Hurwitz takes home the gold.

Brooklyn Nine Nine received a lot of love from the aforementioned Balls of Gold, recently. While I am a little more reserved with spurting out praisy goodness (I regret this phrase instantly), it was a surprisingly funny and tight show for one that had never existed before. Not to mention, on paper and in trailers, it looked like garbage. So police hats off to you, sirs!

I won’t go into detail on the rest, only to say that they’re all still very funny.

As for Archer, it is untouchable and rewatchable and it is increasingly good at never getting old.


  • Only 1 of these 10 has a laugh track
  • Only 2 are animated
  • 3 of them are centred around families
  • Only one of them is a new show
  • Nos. 1 and 2 both feature the amazing voice of H Jon Benjamin
  • Jessica Walter stars in 20% of these shows
  • Tony Hale also stars in 20% of them
  • Only 10% of the shows feature Tony Hale sucking cigarette smoke from Jessica Walter’s mouth
  • Despite my preconception that British comedies are better, only 1 of these shows came from The Isles
  • The other 9 were American
  • None were Danish

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