Dave’s Top Stuff 2013: Movies

top movies 2013 dave watching stuff

Note: Yes, Django Unchained and Silver Linings Playbook are technically 2012 movies, but they were released here in Australia in 2013, so that’s when I done seen dem.

So first things first, there was a lot of complete tripe on our cinema screens this year. Clearly this was not the year of the big blockbuster: The Lone Ranger, RIPD and After Earth were big loss-makers, while even the financial successes of the year felt a bit lacking. Man of Steel brought in the cash, but had a stick of kryptonite wedged up its arse; Star Trek Into Darkness was great fun, but fell apart as soon as logic was applied; and Elysium was just a big, beautiful, terrible disappointment. Pacific Rim was my favourite of this year’s big, stupid movies and that didn’t even crack my top 10. Overall, it may have been the biggest box office year in history, but the quality just wasn’t there in a lot of the big guns.

That said, I did really enjoy Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World and to a lesser extent, The Wolverine. So well done Marvel, yet again.

There were a lot of lovely, small, character-focused films this year that I adored, but nothing could compare with the eyeball and ear-socket battering that Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity gave me. If anyone was looking for evidence that the cinema is still a worthwhile way of ingesting movies, this was it. I didn’t even see Gravity in 3D and I still felt like I was there, in outer space, freezing my balls off and spinning into infinity. It was a wonderful, nerve-destroying experience that I just want to watch over and over again and say “how the fuck did he do that?” But at the same time, I don’t want to know how he did any of it, because it’s freaking magic!


  • 2 of these movies were directed by the very busy David O’Russell
  • 60% of them had female protagonists. Bechdel FTW (interestingly Gravity doesn’t pass it, despite being a load of Bullock)
  • 40% of them involved teenagers facing adversity (including going on a shit holiday; being taken in by social services; having magical ice powers; and having to fight to death on television)
  • Only half had happy endings (although that’s debatable)
  • Only one of them had a singing snowman

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