Breaking Bad S05E11 Recap: “Welcome to Gardunos!”

breaking bad s05e11 recap dave watching stuff

This article is more spoiled than an only child with divorced parents

It was all confessions and realisations in this week’s episode. We begin with what could have been a vital confession, as Hank and Jessie are reunited in front of a switched-off camera. However, Jessie says little and this scene turns into a bit of a dead-end – a disappointing follow-up to last week’s door-closing knuckle-biting cliffhanger. But meeting Hank did rouse Jessie from his stupor and contrasting with his silence last week, Aaron Paul went on to steal every scene this episode, leading up to that insane moment of realisation.

Back at casa de Walt, we get another confession as Walt admits to his son that his cancer his back. But like all Walt’s scenes this episode (and probably all season), it’s a smidgen of truth wrapped in a massive, manipulative lie, intended only to serve his own goals. In this case, keep his son at home. Confession number two was in tape form and was one of Walter White’s nastiest moments yet. Following on from the brilliantly tense family dinner, Hank and Marie’s horror was visible on their faces as they bore the full wrath of Heisenberg. Walt’s “confession” is an Oscar-worthy performance – the makings of a warped mind that creates protective lies in a frighteningly effortless way.

breaking bad s05 e11 recap dave watching stuff

The only one who isn’t fooled by Walt is Jessie, who finally calls him out on his manipulations in a brilliant desert showdown. Saying nothing, Walt pulls him into a hug – one that feels more like a subtle threat than an act of kindness. It’s clear that Jessie just wants it all to end and later, he seems tragically excited about Alaska and the thought of a new life. Until that brilliant moment of realisation, of course.

Cue the gasoline and that’s three for three with the amazing closing moments this season. The six days in between Breaking Bad episodes are becoming more and more unbearable.

The only mis-step this week was the cold open with Todd, his nazi-biker uncle and other nazi-biker. While it was enjoyable to hear Todd’s recounting of the great train heist (“it was perfect” – yes Todd, except for the whole murdering a child part), this scene felt a bit shoehorned in to racket up tension and build an underlying threat. Presumably, Walt’s gonna have to face off against these guys – maybe that’s who future Walt is heading to with the ricin and assault rifle? But it felt detached and isolated from the rest of the episode and didn’t quite fit.

breaking bad s05e11 recap dave watching stuff


Fake Confessions


Applying makeup


What’s gonna happen to Jessie’s money? Evidence?


Yes, it was.


His frantic run to the car wash door, followed by his calm entrance


If I see a kid with a bicycle helmet on, I’d slap it off his head.


Garduno’s is a real restaurant in Albuquerque. Here’s their Facebook.

“So how about that guacamole?”



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