Breaking Bad S05 E10 Recap: “Am I Under Arrest?”

Breaking Bad S05E10 Buried Skyler Dave Watching Stuff

Like bad meat, this article will spoil fast.

Another brilliant trail-of-randomness began this episode, with a wealthy bread-crumb cash trail leading to a catatonic Jesse rouletting himself around a merry-go-round. We didn’t get a lot of Jesse this time around (Aaron Paul had an easy week learning his lines), but his closing scene moment with Hank ended on a gut-wrenching cliffhanger that made up for it.


Is how I felt when the credits rolled, imagining what the hell can come next.

breaking bad jessie hank dave watching stuff

This whole episode felt a bit what’s-going-to-come-next? Picking off right from last week’s garage face-off, things went all Wild West for a minute, before Hank and Walt go their separate ways and franticity begins (that should be a word). Hank gets to Skyler first and throughout their tense showdown/interview, it’s hard to tell which way Skyler will lean. The Skyler of a few months earlier would have probably fallen into Hank’s arms, glad it’s all over. But this cold, incriminated version of Walt’s wife is smart to remain silent; quick to find a way out of this mess, she uses all her knowledge of cop shows to enquire about lawyers and whether or not she is under arrest.

Interestingly, Walt’s mad cash-dash to the desert almost feels like his final act as Heisenberg; he’s ready to hand himself in and pass everything over to his wife. As she lies over him on the bathroom floor, Walt hands over the decision-making to Skyler, giving her control of her own future for the first time in a long time. Now that crunch time has arrived, Skyler seems to want to protect what little she has left and it’s made all the more tragic by last week’s future glimpse at her destroyed family home.

Breaking Bad S05E10 Walter Skyler - Dave Watching Stuff

Also, Marie now knows. Oh look, Marie gets to do something for once.

Elsewhere, we had a brilliantly shot (pun-tacular) drug shootout between Lydia’s current business partners and… hoorah!… the return of the Todd! This plot felt a bit distracting, but it’ll no doubt wind up being important. Interestingly, Lydia’s a bit reminiscent of Walter from a few seasons ago – stepping into a world she doesn’t belong to; making tough calls to protect herself, but not wanting to face up to the ugly side of things. I’d like to extend this analogy to Todd being her Jesse, except that Todd is just a brilliantly unflinching sociopath – albeit a gentlemanly one, chivalrously walking Lydia through the minefield of corpses.

It may not have had the punch of last week’s premiere, but this episode moved things along at a nice pace and left me wanting shitloads more. As the finale draws nearer, I’m already missing this show.


  1. We are here to do a job, not channel Scrooge McDuck
  2. Have you given any thought to… ah… sending him on a trip to… Belize
  3. I can’t remember the last time I was happy
  4. Please don’t let me have done all this for nothing
  5. What are you? Lone Wolf McQuaid?


  1. Hank and Walt’s Wild West standoff outside the garage
  2. Jessie on the merry-go-round


  1. How freaking tall Skyler is next to Hank
  2. Walt memorising those co-ordinates
  3. Todd’s white bullet proof vest


When Hank meets Skyler in the diner


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