10 Bullets: Thoughts on Thief

One of the things I love about Game Informer magazine is their clutter-free concept-art covers. One of these days I’ll frame them all and hang them somewhere that won’t offend my girlfriend. The latest issue boasts a gorgeous image of the return of ol’ one-eye Garrett in the new Thief “reboot” (or whatever you want to call it when you redesign everything and go back to the original title.)

thief game informer cover

Here are 10 of my thoughts:

  • The original Thief is the first stealth game I remember playing, and still my favourite, so I’m ready to hand some money over for more of it
  • It’s next-gen, which still sounds new and exciting
  • The screen-shots are a little too Dishonored, but then Dishonored was inspired by Thief, so the circle is complete
  • There aren’t enough games nowadays where you can loudly eat apples while sneaking through a heavily-guarded property
  • I look forward to guards calling me a “taffer” again, whatever that is
  • The new Garrett looks a little poorly. I hope there’s a mini-game to readjust his vitamin intake to improve his pallor
  • Developers Eidos-Montreal have cited Mark of the Ninja and iOS game The Room as inspirations. Those were both brilliant, so good
  • They also cited Roman Polanski’s 2005 movie version of Oliver Twist as an inspiration, so we can expect a gruel-eating quick-time event and an option to “ask for more” in every conversation
  • There better be water arrows
  • Moss arrows, maybe not

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