Frankly Frightening Fun Fact Friday Fun-time Phact

This isn’t really frightening, but I didn’t want to mess with the alliteration. But the last word counts, because it’s fact with a “ph”. That’s the “cool” or “hip” way of spelling it, I’m informed by the groovy cats on the street, yo!

This phact is for phans of Game of Thrones and 90s English pop music duos, so it should appeal to almost everyone.

I recently discovered that Jerome Flynn, who plays Bronn in the excellent Game of Thrones is in phact Jerome from Robson and Jerome – English TV stars of Soldier Soldier and one-time pop wonders.

So this Jerome of Robson and Jerome….

… is this fire-starting badass mercenary of Game of Thrones:

Bronn Game of Thrones

Where’s he been all these years? Apparently he took up with some strange religion called Ratu Bagus, got scammed in a massive ponzi scheme  and is now in Game of Thrones. There you have it. He’s so unrecognisable that I’m convinced Robson must also be in there – maybe playing one of the dragons.


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