Dave’s Faves 2012 – TV

This was the hardest list to compile, by far. There was more good TV on in 2012 than a back-to-back marathon of Magnum PI and Murder, She Wrote (don’t forget, Jessica and Magnum once met, and it was the greatest moment in history, televisual or otherwise).

There were some real surprises for me this year – the biggest one being that my no. 1 show of last year didn’t even make it to this year’s Top 10. That’s not to say I didn’t like its second season, but I didn’t love it. Also, it degraded into utter farce faster than a back-to-back marathon of Magnum PI and Murder, She Wrote.

Another surprise was that one of my least favourite shows on television has become so good that it’s now my no. 3 favourite show on television – proof that a change of showrunner isn’t always a bad thing.

Also, I wish I had room for Girls, American Horror Story Asylum (parts of it anyway), A Touch of Cloth and Archer, but I don’t, so… ya.

2013. Bar. High.

(To clarify, I’m saying that the bar is set high for 2013, not that we should all go to a bar and get high)

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7 responses to “Dave’s Faves 2012 – TV

      • Victor, you’re definitely missing out on some amazing television there. While I can’t say for sure that you’ll like the comedies on the list – humour’s very subjective obviously – I’m pretty confident in saying you should absolutely watch Breaking Bad and Boss at the very least, if you like amazingly scripted, directed and tense drama.

    • Agreed Red, it’s an amazing show. I was doubtful about them recapturing the brilliance of Avatar, but they did it – and without retreading old ground. Korra feels like a brand new world, but keeps everything that made Last Airbender brilliant. Also, it has some of the best fight scenes I’ve seen across any medium.

  1. I have only seen a few of these, but my #1 would also be Breaking Bad. Cannot wait until it gets back on the air!

    I’m also a big fan of Game of Thrones. Season three is coming up fast, isn’t it?

    • Agreed, Eric – it’s due back in July. Far too far away. Game of Thrones is back 31st March though, so there’s that to look forward to. Also Spartacus is back on Friday if you like ridiculously hilarious over-the-top stylised sex and violence. Also featuring the best cursing since Deadwood.

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