Dave’s Faves 2012 – Games

Top 10 Games 2012


4 responses to “Dave’s Faves 2012 – Games

  1. Great list. Completely agree with your top choice — no game has ever affected me the way The Walking Dead did. Also nice to see Max Payne 3 listed since it seems to have been getting overlooked in many of these “best of” lists.

    • Thanks Eric. Ya, I noticed Max Payne 3 has been totally overlooked. I’ll agree that it had its problems – repetitive gameplay and ropey aiming being the primary ones – but it gets top marks for presentation and it was great to have Max back. Not to mention it has a quality soundtrack and slow diving round corners while spraying bullets is immensely good fun.

      As for The Walking Dead, ya, wow. I agree that it was completely affecting – I’ve never felt so strongly towards video-game characters. Anything for Clem! I enjoyed your review of it aswell, and while I thought the game is hands-down better than the show and even the comics, I would recommend sticking with the show past the first season. Halfway through the second season, it gets really good and the third has been a standout so far.

      • You know, I might give the show another shot. Everyone keeps saying the second season is much better. Once it hits Netflix Instant, I’ll probably give it a go. Thanks for the tip!

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