The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 1: Some Thoughts

Damn, there’s a lot of good TV going on right now. Homeland has taken some crazy sidesteps in eps 2 and 3, Dexter is finally interesting again and Fringe is looking to finish out strongly.

But I’ve gotta hand the award of Best Season Opener to The Walking Dead. I’m glad I stuck with this show, despite its horrible characterisation and occasional tedium. The show-runners finally picked up the pace halfway through Season 2 and it looks like they’re gonna keep on running – things actually seem to be working better without Darabont and the show has finally found its stride.

Here’s some of my thoughts from on incredible opening episode, in bullet point form (which is the orderly form my thoughts occur in). Spoilers, obviously:

Silent opening – establishing how hardcore and efficiently workmanlike the group has become. Carl, meanwhile, likes dog food

Beards – Grow em if you got em – Hershel is indisputably the king of the beards

Carl – still an annoying little shit –  but at least he’s useful now. 9 out of 10 Carls prefer Pedigree Chum

Pregnancy Belly – This must have been on special offer at the prop store. It bounces while running, very authentic

Camera Close-up Zombie Faces – Opening two scenes, very effective

Michonne – very cool

Zombies! So many zombies, so many good moments. Favourites include:

– Decapitated zombie head still chomping

– Armoured zombie guards

– Gasmask zombie face reveal

The Prison – perfect setting, happy to spend a season here

The Inmates – I’ve read the comics, but I was so caught up in the prison clearing, I’d forgotten these guys were going to show up. Great way to end the episode

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