The Long Night of TV: Dexter, Fringe, Homeland and Ice Cream

There’s so much TV happening lately that myself and my girlfriend decided to sit down and plough through most of it in one sitting.

Here’s how our evening of TV-binging broke down. Some spoilers for Fringe, Dexter and Grey’s Anatomy.

Boss Season 2 Kelsey Grammer
This is one of the most consistently excellent shows being transmitted down the tube wires. Why aren’t you watching it if you are one of the many people who don’t seem to be watching it? It’s got Kelsey Grammar shouting at people in that amazing voice of his, and I would be so bold as to say it’s nearly as good as The Wire. Neeeeearly.
Rating: 9/10

Pad Thai

We cleverly split one portion between us, because they always give you too much. We’re frugal like that. Or scabby, whatever way you want to look at it.
Food Rating: 7/10
Value Rating: 9/10

Dexter Season 7
Despite my general ill will towards Season 6 (extra extra, read all about it), I can’t deny that I was insanely curious as to how shit would go down with Deborah “Muthafuckin’ fuckbag Mcfucksalot” Morgan. As expected, Dexter was his usual slickly lying self and came up with a cover story on the spot. The episode then turned into a Nancy Drew-athon as Deb used all the cop skills she suddenly developed around season 3 to poke holes in Dexter’s frankly ridiculous story. For a time I feared that this cat and mouse game would be dragged out through the whole season, but thankfully they nipped it in the butt and closed the episode nicely and conclusively, leaving us wanting more, more more!
Rating: 8/10

Super Fudge Brownie Serendipity Ice Cream
Serendipity, double fudge chocolate something or other. Crazy rich, crazy good.
Rating: 8/10
Risk of Obesity: 9/10

The Big Bang Theory Season 6
We finally got into this earlier this year and swiftly binged on the endless repeats on digital TV, until saturation point was reached and we’d seen every episode twice. Now we’re at a stage where every unseen episode is like a precious golden nugget from the heavens, but also, the momentum has been completely lost and we’ve kind of lost interest. So this new episode fell somewhere between “ya, that was kinda funny” and “I don’t know if I really care anymore.”
Rating: 7/10

homeland season 2
As I expected, the show has lost some of its appeal by virtue of Brody’s motivations being fully revealed. But it’s undeniably good to see all these characters again and despite being somewhat uneventful, it’s clear they’re laying the ground-work for what’s to come, and I’m confident what’s to come is going to be great.
Rating: 8/10

Barrys Tea
Barry’s Tea, shipped in from Ireland. Lindt Dark chocolate.
Tea Rating: 10/10
Chocolate Rating: 8/10

Max Payne 3
Cathy watched this while I played Max Payne 3. Some thoughts on Max Payne 3: Amazingly cinematic, great dialogue, voice acting, and just the kind of polish Rockstar always deliver. The presentation is so good that it just about makes up for the shoddy shooting mechanics (another Rockstar mainstay) and repetitive gameplay (ditto). Seriously, how hard is it to get a reticule to move properly – when I started, I spent over an hour trying to adjust the sensitivity to make it right and eventually had to give up and put on target-lock, which removes all element of skill and I hate. Your games are amazing, but fix your engine, lads.

Meanwhile, over on Grey’s Anatomy, Mark Sloan died. Spoiler Alert.

fringe season 5
It looks like Fringe is going to make full use of its 13 episodes, as they used every last second of this first episode to launch the plot forward. It was somewhat exilhirating and kind of exhausting. It’s unclear whether there’ll be room for standalone episodes, with such a tight schedule, which is a shame, as that’s part of the show’s DNA. But if we get a solid 13 episodes of more amazing worldbuilding and left-field creativity, we’ll be good. John Noble, as usual, stole all his scenes. My only two problems: 1) I still think the watchers being evil came about a bit suddenly and isn’t sitting well and 2) I miss the other universe.
Rating: 8/10


No sleep – mind was racing.
Comfort Rating – 9/10
Weird Dreams Rating – 7/10

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