Ticket Stub Review: Looper



9 responses to “Ticket Stub Review: Looper

  1. It’s AU$. And it is a crazy rip-off. What’s worse is that this was on “Cheap Tuesday”. Although you do pay slightly extra for Vmax – comfier seats and a bigger screen – worth the $3, I say.

    • I would say I was almost overwhelmed by how much was crammed into this movie, but I think he totally kept it all together, amazingly, and I loved it all. I’m thinking it could be my favourite movie of the year.

      • Maybe I had a different idea of what the film would be like and it didn’t really match up. I guess I was expecting the time travel of Twelve Monkeys with some of the style of Brick, which I know is impossible.

        Still and all, it was remarkable that it was made for 30 million. Whatever was left of the budget after paying Willis went right up on the screen.
        Also, fair play to Levitt; another great performance.

        Movie of the year? Nah.

      • Well it’s my favourite of the year, I reckon. But I’ll probably have to have a sit down and ponder that one, probably while on the toilet, where the best thinking is always done.

        I was also reminded of Twelve Monkeys a couple of times during this, even though there aren’t many similarities beyond Bruce Willis and time travel.

        What’s your movie of the year so far then?

  2. Not an easy question. I was pleasantly surprised by the Cabin in the Woods, the Raid, and Samsara, however these were all delayed releases from 2011 or earlier.
    This year Prometheus looked great visually but didn’t hang together plot-wise. Avengers was better than I expected, but a bit of an anticlimax. I loved TDKR – a satisfying conclusion for all its flaws.
    Best of the year might be Ted – an original idea (not an adaptation, remake or sequel) well executed and genuinely funny, which is rare of late.
    Samsara was excellent though.

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