Some thoughts on The Amazing Spiderman

Amazing Spiderman review thoughts

To be clear, this is not “my thoughts on the film”, these are “some thoughts I had during the film.” Very different things, I think you’ll agree.

Also, spoilers, kinda

– Web shooters are cool
– Andrew Garfield is a better Peter Parker than Tobey Maguire
– Martin Sheen is a better Uncle Ben than both this guy and this guy
– Emma Stone is far less annoying than Kirsten Dunst
– The Lizard look like the goombas from the Super Mario Bros movie
– Why would a high school intern have unrestricted access to a lab that includes a terrorist-friendly, potentially-city-wide-lethal gassing device?
– Why do they keep that same device lying around when Connors says they don’t even use it or need it?
– How easy is it to whip up anti-lizard antitode? Is that already a preloaded option or something?
– Where’s JJJ?
– Who uses Bing?
– Who leaves voicemails that read like state of the nation addresses?
– If you have to do a post-credits sequence, make it something people would actually give a shit about

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5 responses to “Some thoughts on The Amazing Spiderman

  1. –Agree (It was Brain Michael Bendis that unwittingly cast the deciding vote. The movie personnel asked him to come in, sat him in a chair, and then asked him, “web shooters? natural or mechanical?”. He said mechanical. Half the room cheered, the other half said damn.)
    –Agree with the first not the second (Love his rice)
    –Your right
    –Because she looks like she is in college
    –Lazy writing
    –Lazy writing
    –They were going to have him in and played by the same actor (J.K.Simmons), but then decided it would clutter-up the film.
    –When Microsoft pays you money, you use Bing
    –Lazy writers (common theme developing here)
    –I already forgot about that scene

    I was going to say read my review, but it doesn’t publish until tomorrow. I make a similar comment about Uncle Ben’s voicemail.

    • Glad you agree victor, I shall read your review and nod my head approvingly. I just thought of a few more thoughts I had:

      – Were we supposed to be concerned when spiderman was about to fall off that building at the end? A guy who can stick to buildings?
      – When they arrested Dr Connors, how did they put handcuffs on him?

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