Mass effect 3: Can the ending really be that bad?

I still haven’t played Mass Effect 3. In three weeks from now, I’m having my Xbox 360 and Mass Effect save files delivered from Ireland to Dubai, where I will pick them up and return them to my home in Sydney and finally catch up with the rest of the world. A very inelegant and elaborate solution to this problem, but one which I hope will be worth it.

I mean, I’ve heard that the ending has been a massive letdown to 99% of gamers, but can it really be so bad that it ruins everything that has come before, over three games and five years? I wouldn’t think so, but if the balanced opinions of the general public are anything to go by, Bioware have ruined the lives of millions of people in ten little minutes.

Here’s some of the very considered and reasonable opinions available on Amazon’s customer reviews of the game:

Mass Effect 3 Amazon Reviews

Personally, I can’t imagine the ending being THAT bad, but I’m now more excited about it than any other aspect of the game. But I think judging a game that took years to make on a few moments, rather than as a whole, is grossly unfair.

But then, people seem to be able to forget the good when they’re left with a bad taste in their mouth at the finale. Like this guy, who’s clearly very confused about his feelings towards the game:


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