Ultra Culture lashes out at Slash Film for lashing out at Twilight

See, they can smile! Or at least, they're trying to.

Their penance? A thousand lashes.

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I’m writing about this because both these sites populate my Google Reader and I enjoy them both for very different reasons.

Ultra Culture, while bizarrely named, is home to some of the most incisive and hilarious film commentary you will ever find and is steeped with a contagious love of fonts and animated gifs.

While Slash Film’s writing may not come anywhere near the level of Ultra Culture’s, I just keep going back for the sheer quantity of content they post every day. They cover pretty much every possible bit of news in the film and TV industries, right down to the most mundane stories.

And I’m a big fan of their podcast.

Which leads me to the point. Ultra Culture has written a very spot-on criticism of Slash Film’s overt hatred of the Twilight movies, which makes for a good read.

I still haven’t gotten round to watching any of the Twilight movies, but I feel like I should, if only just to have an opinion. I’m toying with the idea of attempting some sort of Twilight marathon session, but I’m not sure that would be a constructive or enjoyable use of my time.


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