My Mass Effect 3 dilemma

Mass Effect 3

This is such a first world problem, but by God, it’s tearing me apart.

You see, it’s like this. I played the first two Mass Effects on Xbox 360 and loved them. But last year, I emigrated to Sydney and left my Xbox behind in Ireland. Then, upon settling “down under” I decided to buy a PS3 for a change, and also to finally catch up on Uncharted and Heavy Rain (totally worth it).

But now Mass Effect 3 is about to come out and there’s absolutely no way I’ll be able to resist playing it. So do I:

a) Buy it on PS3 and disregard two games of very cool and personal decision-making and one of the most epic story mechanics ever? (Wrex is dead and I don’t regret having him shot)

b) Buy another Xbox, and have my save game shipped over to me on a memory card? (or can you send that via Xbox Live? I dunno).

c) Have my Xbox shipped over? And then I’m not even sure if the Australian version of the game would be compatible with my European 360. I can’t seem to find out whether it’s region-free or not.

Option a) is looking like the most inexpensive and sane move, but it feels like such a waste. And it just won’t be the same. I liked my Mass Effect 2 ending, I liked my Shepherd. And to finish the story with some new Shepherd and resurrected characters makes me feel sad face inside.

Mass Effect 3 Wrex

But... Wrex has been dead for 10 years...

Maybe I should just: d) go out and get some sun.

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2 responses to “My Mass Effect 3 dilemma

    • f) I move to Africa, have my xbox sent over, finish Mass Effect there and when done, give my xbox to someone on the streets. Give a man some money and you feed him for one day. Give a man an xbox and he can play against me in call of duty when I get home from Africa.

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