Wait… What?


That’s not how I remember Battleship.

Taken right this minute at my local cinema, where I go to watch the movies that I watch.


3 responses to “Wait… What?

  1. This is classic. makes me lol. a perfect movie to be directed by peter berg, known for other classic action movies such as very bad things and friday night lights. wait what x2? Lol
    I see the end of this movie going like this, liam nieson, under great thought says, torpedo to d4… Long dramatic pause as the crew listens on the radio at which point a crackily alien voice comes over the radio screaming, agggghhhhhh you sank our battleship. Cut to the entire world cheering. fade to black over triumphant war music.

  2. I KNOW RIGHT! Just goes to show I should be writing all of the cheesy hollywood movie ideas… they’d be SO MUCH MORE entertaining… And to think I just watched Liam again as I went to see Star Wars 3D with my son…

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