Dave’s Top 11 TV of ’11

top 11 tv shows 2011

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87 responses to “Dave’s Top 11 TV of ’11

  1. There’s a couple of shows there I’ve never heard of there but I’ll give them a go. Nice collage… is that a mandog licking Bilbo Baggins face!


  2. No Parks and Recreation? Ron Swansom does not agree!

    Though I definitely love me some Breaking Bad and Community, and if you love Game of Thrones you must read the series – fab stuff that is.

  3. I don’t know why more people don’t talk about Wilfred, it’s so good. I’m also really excited for the next season of Game of Thrones. I haven’t heard of Black Mirror, I’ll have to check it out.

  4. Wow!!!! I actually know some of these!!!

    I am a Canadian living in China and I seem to miss LOTS of great shows and movies that come out. But what stuns me to no end?? Is I actually consider some of these shows to be my favourite TV shows!!! “Community” ranks high up there, as does “How I Met Your Mother” (yes, Barney is perfect!!!) and of course, “Game of Thrones” is superb.

    I’ll have to download lots more to see about these other ones!!!

    Thank-you so much for the list and congrats on making Freshly Pressed!!!

      • I can totally understand your reluctance towards modern sitcoms, or most anything on public television channels these days, though some writing has gotten better. Shows like HIMYM, Big Bang Theory, and 30 Rock keep me pretty entertained on the Sitcom front.
        If you have Hulu or however you watch, you could also check out a new series staring the beautiful(ly) talented Zooey Deschanel called New Girl. It surprised me as being a little goofier than those aforementioned shows and yet still quite funny and endearing.


      • Ya i’ve seen the first few new girls and quite liked it, but her character started to get a bit annoying for me. But i see from your blog that you’re in some sort of love triangle with the deschanel sisters, so i can certainly respect that!

  5. i find it interesting the number of people that like ‘community’. my wife and i think it’s pretty horrible and unwatchable. i agree with ‘home land’ and i would add ‘person of interest’.

  6. I haven’t watched most of these, although Breaking Bad and Community are my two favorite shows of the last year, so I was happy to see they made your list. I’ve heard so much good buzz about Homeland, it’s about time I start watching it.

  7. I watch community, how I met your mother and Robot Chicken religiously. Have you ever seen Parks and Rec? What are your thoughts on American Dad, 30 Rock and especially Modern Family? I love those shows!

  8. Loving everything on your list! The only one I haven’t seen is Black Mirror – which I will now rectify!

  9. Spend some time in Brooklyn and I guarantee you that “Bored to Death” and “How to Make it in America” would leap into your top 5. And no Dexter? Are you kidding?
    Solid choices for numbers 1 and 2, though. American Horror Story was decent as well.
    How about MadMen, The Killing, Modern Family, Justified, The Good Wife, Boardwalk Empire, and Parenthood?
    Really though, you sould re-think 3-5, 8, 10, and 11. At least there’s no reality tv on your list.
    This could be my next blog.

    • Bored to Death I really liked, it’s just outside my top list, How to Make it in America I haven’t seen. I’m a massive Dexter fan, but I thought this season was a let-down, here’s why.

      Mad Men I got bored of, but must go back and finish sometime, The Killing is on my to-watch list, I do like Modern Family, Justified I keep hearing good things about, The Good Wife I’m not so sure about, Boardwalk Empire, still haven’t got round to watching the second season and Parenthood I must check out aswell. Good suggestions there!

      So that’s my long-winded explanation. Won’t be rethinking any of the list, I’m afraid. Just like reality TV, the judge’s decision is final.

  10. I love “American Horror Story” and “How I Met Your Mother”! Hmm… I’m intrigued about “Black Mirror” and because of your post, I am going to check it out! 🙂

  11. i’m with you on 2, 4, 5, 6, and 10. another vote for big bang theory. and modern family. that’s about all i can keep up with!

  12. The way Community has been treated by NBC is horrible, especially considering the fact that Whitney is still on the air. How I Met Your Mother was always a favourite of mine, but I feel the standard has slipped a bit with a few too many ‘filler’ episodes. Great list though, it’s given me another reason to finally start watching Homeland!

  13. HOMELAND HOMELAND HOMELAND! i dont watch a ton of TV but this is one of the best shows on TV. Great actors, Great subject idea, they draw you into the story like nothing else. hopefully Mandy will stay onh this who for a long time. My Second place nominations go to Fringe, Person of Interest (really great with Jim Caviezel), Revenge, PanAM and of course another great on on Showtime– Dexter.

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  15. Hmm, I question How I Met Your Mother being up there. It’s been on a slow and now fast downhill slope for me. I very rarely laugh. Just don’t find it nearly funny anymore.

    Great choices with Community and top pick being Homeland – can’t question that!

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