Resident Evil 6 Trailer: What’s up with that?

Here’s a few things that struck me about the Resident Evil 6 trailer:

  • I have absolutely no idea what any of it was about.
  • The bits with Chris Redfield look more interesting than the bits with Leon Kennedy
  • Leon needs a new haircut
  • Leon’s voice is ridiculous
  • “This is Raccoon City all over again!” – What about that town in Spain you were in, Leon? Is it not that all over again aswell?
  • God, Leon is stupid.
  • The whole thing looks ridiculously convoluted, as per usual. It looks like they’ve taken the Call of Duty approach and crammed three or more stories into one game.
  • Shouldn’t really be taking story cues from Call of Duty.
  • Looks like you can move and shoot now. Or at least slide and shoot. About time.
  • That guy who always says “Resident Evil” in that deep voice must be starved for work.
  • But ya, looks nice and I’ll play it. Hope they make it a bit scarier than the last one though.

3 responses to “Resident Evil 6 Trailer: What’s up with that?

  1. Moving and shooting, which I’ve read you can do now, is going to kill the game! What made the games suspenseful was not being able to do both and they’re just turning it into a carbon copy of the unoriginal dross being churned out ad nauseum these days. Why does every game have to be a boring “Call of Duty” type game? I also think I heard Ashley Graham’s voice in that trailer so all of my problems with the game will be eradicated with a violent plague of zombies chowing down on the peanut between her ears.

    Another thing, when Chris Redfield shouts, he sounds like an Christian Bale!

    • Ya, I think you’re right about the suspense being lost. But then Resident Evil 5 already threw suspense out the window in favour of action.

      Chris Redfield sounded like he was doing a Christian Bale for that whole trailer. Obviously the Japanese haven’t realised that everyone thinks his fart-voice sounds farcical.

      I hope there’s a scene where you have to protect Ahsley from harms way and she valiantly walks into every wall between here and safety.

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