Dave’s Top 11 Games of ’11

Not all of these were released in 2011, but I played them in 2011. Also, I haven’t finished all of these games yet, so this is not based on an overall view of each game from start to finish, but rather my favourites based on my general sense of the game. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to finish Skyrim. Has anyone ever finished that? Does it ever end?

Top 11 Games of 2011


12 responses to “Dave’s Top 11 Games of ’11

  1. Where in the hell is Zelda: Skyward Sword? You can’t disregard a game that is being hailed as being as good if not better than Ocarina of Time just because the Wii is a bit naff now. You and your stupid adult consoles. I love that paradox!

    • The reason it’s not on there is not because the Wii is naff (but it is), but because I just haven’t played it. But I have no doubt that if I’d played Skyward Sword, it’d be way up this list. Can’t fault Nintendo what they do right.

      Better than Ocarina of Time though, saucy? That’s a tall claim about probably the best game ever made.

      • A very tall claim but even Nintendo magazines are saying it. I’m only about half way through but it’s certainly in the same league, even if nostalgia will keep Ocarina ahead.

      • I did see a preowned Wii for $79 the other day, which is quite the bargain considering that new games here cost an exorbitant $100. If I ever finish Skyrim, I might invest in it.

    • Haven’t played Saints Row 3, but loved the second one. I’m PS3-only at the moment, loved the first two gears, but haven’t been able to play the third yet. And this is the first year in a while I didn’t get COD. While I did enjoy the last two Modern Warfares, particularly the multiplayer, I just wasn’t feeling this one. And it wasn’t as high up my wishlist as some of the other games above. Might pick it up for cheap in a few months though.

  2. I’m surprised you’re just now enjoying the greatness that is The Orange Box and especially Portal. If you like Portal, you should definitely check out Portal 2. I recently put some thoughts in a series of posts over at my blog, check it out: reclaimer105.wordpress.com

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