Dexter Season 6: What Went Wrong

Spoilerings Alert

So Dexter season 6 was a bit shit.

It was very shit really, but only when you compare it to how good this show was and can be.

Here’s where it all went wrong for me:

The Twist
I was one of the few watchers who genuinely didn’t see this coming. It took me by surprise and i quite enjoyed it at the time. But here’s the problem: it’s actually a pretty crappy twist in that it’s been done a thousand times before. Psycho, Fight Club, blah blah blah. It’s been done to death.

It felt beneath this show to resort to cheap tricks and twists. And this was as cheap as they come. And then as soon as it was revealed, it was gone as quick. That’s it, see ya Olmos, and ya, Travis is evil now. Where had the good side of Travis disappeared to? Or at least the one we’d spent time with the last eight episodes or so. His evil side just seemed to win and that was it. Surely there should have been a bit more of an internal struggle. It would have been a bit more interesting than the comic book villain he became, twiddling his dastardly moustache.

edward james olmos colin hanks dexter

God bless you. So say we all

Lewis and the hand

Right, we get that they’re obviously building this up to be something big and we knew that it was so late in the day that it would carry across to the next season. But Jesus, give us something more than Travis just finding it and chucking it away. The season should have ended with Dexter finding it and being all “wtf? Fo realz?”

Deb finding out
It had to happen eventually and we knew it was coming. But they should have just done this last season when she was on the other side of the curtain with Dexter and Lumen. They waited too long and it just feels a bit late in the day.

And the way that they led up to this was ridiculously clunky. How many years has Dexter been offing people now? You’d think he could have chosen a better kill-room than an active crime scene, where any number of police officers could have shown up at any time. Not only that, he specifically tells Deb that he will be there that night. Ridiculous.

"Dexter Morgan checked in to THE KILL-ROOM - with Deborah Morgan"

Bring Brian Back

The most interesting episode by far this season was when Dexter went on his rampage with imaginary brother Brian in tow. It was great to see Dexter’s darker side let loose and Brian was infinitely more fun than Harry (Christ Harry, go away already). It’s understandable that they have to keep Dexter on the straight and narrow to some extent, but they could have kept Brian around for a few more episodes or even a season. He was undoubtedly the most fun thing that’s shown up in Dexter in ages.

Deb Loves Dexter

This was just so wrong on so many levels. It seemed like a possibility in Season 1 that they might explore this, what with them not being blood-related and all, but we’ve spent 6 years with these characters without a hint of sexual interest. Then one word from a psychiatrist and Deb is head over heels. This whole move just reeked of desperation – a last minute game changer to shake things up by the writers. But does anyone actually want to see Deb and Dexter together? I don’t think so. It’s just weird.

Dexter Season 6 Deb love

Ewww. Really?

Two More Seasons?

Halfway through Season 6, it really felt like it was kind of going nowhere. The same old struggles just keep reappearing – is there light in Dexter? Can he be redeemed? At this stage, they’re just going over the same material, when it felt that maybe the show should start wrapping up. Instead, we got the news that they had commissioned another TWO seasons. TWO! If this was a few years ago, I would have been very excited at the prospect of two more seasons of Dexter, but it just feels like no good can come of two more years.

Let’s hope they finish it at Season 8. Or maybe the show can be redeemed? Just like Dexter. I wonder if they’ll explore that next season? Maybe he’ll try and rid himself of his dark passenger for once.

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7 responses to “Dexter Season 6: What Went Wrong

  1. I basically watched the whole season with a look of distaste on my mug. It was the worst. From the crappy twist that I saw coming from a mile away to the fact that I didn’t give a shit about anything that happened, I could have just skipped everything but the last minute of the show when Deb catches him in the kill. It was the only good part of that entire season.

    2 more years? I don’t see how.

  2. first , the twist.

    how many serial killer movies are there? and yet we still
    watch dexter. dont we 😛 its a twist. i think its a better
    season because of the twist. if gellar lived and dexter
    killed them both, then it wouldve not made a difference to
    me. i mean come on, what do u want an unseen twist which
    was never thought of by mankind? 😛

    lewis and the hand, i agree.
    but whithout the big picture including the next season, its
    premature judgement.

    Deb finding out
    about that, they had actually planned for her to find out
    in the last season, but because of the growing fan base,
    they wanted to make a few more bucks. seems legit to me 😛
    and she hasnt found out entirely. she just knows he killed
    DDK. if i was dexter morgan , i would stage a psychotic
    break where i am this vigilante for a day 😀

    about chosing the church for a kill room
    we all know dexter hasn’t been the predator he has been
    since brother sam’s death. so his judgement is clouded, he
    killed a guy in hazmat suit on the fuckpad, spoke to travis
    in the museum, left that kid in nebraska. all out of
    harry’s code. dexter’s a little off, so cut him some slack

    about the last minute game changer?
    its not that the writers think. as there is embarassing
    incest in the picture and she knows what her brother is, we
    might think hes going to kill her next season. i think the
    whole drama with the deb-dexter love thing was to bring
    this consensus among the audience.

    There is this reluctance in people, because after 6 years of watching dexter as a monster, now if he becomes weak, the show sucks. right? :P.people don’t want Dexter to become normal and say goodbye to his dark passenger. that’s what went wrong, and its with the reaction of the people to the show and not with the show itself. obviously they would’ve seen this coming, but the popularity it has already built up allowed them to take that risk. there are no technical problems with dexter as far as i see. only that the audience are not completely able to accept dexte not-being-a-killer. now that is shaking thigs up!

    but hey, its just me! 😀

    • Some good arguments there.

      It wasn’t even the quality of the twist that was the problem, I just think twists in general are beneath this show. Pulling off a twist is a very delicate thing and can backfire so easily and this one was such a misfire. It wasn’t needed and I don’t think it added anything.

      I agree with you on Lewis and the hand and I’ll definitely give them the benefit of the doubt. I’m hoping as much as anyone that they can pull it together next season.

      That’s an interesting idea about the incest being a possible motive for Dexter to kill Deb. You might be onto something, but I’m not quite sure.

      I’m afraid I don’t agree about the audience reacting badly to Dexter’s weaknesses. I would argue that throughout the show’s entire run, Dexter’s internal conflict has been an ongoing weakness and it’s part of what makes him endearing. If anything, I think the audience like to see Dexter with his back against the wall and making mistakes. I know I do. And I’m more than forgiving of Dexter slipping up, but this kill-room set up reeked of lazy writing to me.

      Good to hear your thoughts though!

      On a separate note, I’d be interested to hear what you think of the Quinn subplot this season? I really think it would have been more interesting if Travis had killed Batista and then Quinn had to live with the guilt. It would have wrapped up his “off-the-rails” plot nicely. Otherwise, we just watched 12 episodes of him boozing it up for no real reason. Nothing came of any of it. Either that or they should have just killed Quinn off.I’m sick of him.

  3. LOL!! 😀 i couldn’t agree more about the Quinn subplot. i can only guess what they were trying to do with him. maybe they considered him as a good filler for all the empty time in the episode coz hes good looking and dosn bore the ladies, and goes to titty bars and dosn bore the guys 😛

    I didn’t mean the incest to be a motive for Dexter to kill deb, i just meant they want us to suspect something fishy in the future 🙂

    on people disliking Dexter getting all biblical, i think we agree to disagree. our rational mind tells us we want dexter to listen to brother sam. our other, more primitive part of mind (our own dark passenger) tells us Dexter has to listen to his brother 😀 There is this conflict in our mind, and every time the monologue in the show speaks of Dexter’s conflict, we enjoy the existence of our own. but when the darker part of dexter is losing, the primitive and the most powerful part of our mind is losing with we subconsciously don’t want him to mainstream into the society. 🙂

    to some extent i agree about twist being mishandled, but its not that big of an issue for me. 🙂

    • Fair point on the biblical theme, you’re delving much more into the psychology of the audience than I ever have! You could be onto something there.

      Maybe they’re gearing Quinn up to have his own spinoff show where he visits a different titty bar every week? Showtime’s biggest hit yet!

  4. The problem with a twist is that it’s only a twist if people don’t see it coming. If it’s telegraphed and obvious, it’s no longer a twist, but a cliche.

    The only good way for this thing to end, is for either Dexter to get caught, or his final kill should be himself.

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