Rewatching: Spiderman (2002)

spiderman movie 2002

Spiderman. You probably don't remember it. It's from years ago. They're turning it into a movie now, it'll be out this summer.

With Spiderman being shamelessly rebooted this year, I decided to go back and watch the original. It holds up really well.

It has a nice amount of Sam Raimi’s distinctive directing style, very solid effects and a spot-on comic book tone. Tobey Maguire was great casting as Peter Parker, James Franco was good as the betrayed-to-be best friend. Kirsten Dunst was a bit of a sap, but that’s just the character really.

The major problem  is the dialogue , which was cringey bad a lot of the time. It’s easy to say “oh, it’s a comic book movie, the  dialogue is supposed to be corny.” Yes, maybe 50 years ago, but the graphic novel medium has come a long way, thanks to the likes of Neil Gaiman, Garth Ennis, and Alan Moore. Comic book does not have to mean naff.

But it’s all so harmless and well-meaning, seriously criticising it would be like shitting on a puppy. It’s just a fun film really. And David Koepp turned in a pretty tightly-told origin story, in fairness.

Also, that final fight scene is as good as I remember and surprisingly vicious.

This deservedly became a popular movie series and as we all know, Raimi built on what he did right to make an even better sequel.

And let’s just leave it there, so we don’t spoil the good memories.

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