How I Met Your Mother Season 7: The Best Season 7 Around

How I Met Your Mother Season 7

I was a latecomer to the “How I Met Your Mother” party.

I was, am and will be sceptical of the average American sitcom, in general. As soon as I hear a laugh track, the show is instantly guilty under the “Offenses Against Intelligent Humour Act” and must prove itself innocent. This bias is probably down to the overwhelming amount of substandard crap that this format is known for.

For every Friends, Seinfeld or Frasier, there are a thousand Mikes and Mollies, Just Shoot Me’s or Shits My Dad Sayses.

But after six seasons of not watching HIMYM I had finally caught enough snippets and half episodes for my interest to be piqued. I sat down and watched seasons 5 and 6 in their entireties (not all in one go, I’m not that crazy) and was surprised at how tightly written and clever it was.

Watching season 7 at the moment, it’s incredible how the writers are maintaining such a consistently high quality. It’s rare to find a season 7 of anything that hasn’t already leaped over a shark on waterskis.

There are zero weak characters, all the actors are excellent and comfortable in their roles and are ridiculously likable and easy to watch. Even the background characters are all well-established and distinctly funny. There are also seasons-long running jokes that would even rival Arrested Development. This is a show that is very comfortable in its own skin and has outright respect for its fans.

Don’t be annoyed by the show’s insistence on prolonging the mystery of the central premise. You’ll soon learn not to care and just enjoy it. You’ll mostly forget that he’s even talking to his kids. It’s just well-structured narration.

So ya… Get over the skepticism you no doubt are feeling and just watch it. And if you don’t like it, well then go suck a lemon shaped rock.

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4 responses to “How I Met Your Mother Season 7: The Best Season 7 Around

  1. Yeah. You’ll be amazed how consistent the writers are about a lot of things in the show. At first, I thought that Neil Patrick Harris is the only one of the six who is really funny and witty but you’ll find out soon enough that Lily is this manipulative, vicious doll posing as a cutesy pie. Marshall is one big softie inside a freakishly big man (I especially love the slap- bet between him and Barney). Ted is awesome in small doses and Robin is this weird, sometimes vulnerable but a badass Canadian who was brought up as a boy by her dad.

    I haven’t watched all of Season 7 though. I’m waiting for the season to finish so I can watch it all in one go.. on DVD.. and die laughing. 😉

  2. I get the sneaking suspicion that Josh Radnor (Ted) and Cobie Smulders (Robin) are just playing themselves in the show given that they appear in absolutely nothing else. The rest of them were either famous before or in Jason Segel’s case, highly in demand because of it.

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